Types of Magnification Devices

Eschenbach offers the broadest range of magnification devices! We carry the most complete line of optical devices - from hand held magnifiers and stand magnifiers to spectacle magnifiers, telescopesvideo magnifiers and contrast-enhancing filters that fit over glasses. If you’re looking to perform a specific type of task, we’re sure to make a product that will fill your need.

Rest assured, using your remaining vision will not cause further deterioration of an eye condition; it will actually train your brain to interpret images more easily.

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Magnification Devices: Types

Hand held Magnifiers

Eschenbach hand held magnifiers are ideal for reading menus, price tags, ingredients, thermostats, or prescription bottles. They are available in a wide variety of designs and magnifications. Many are illuminated to provide additional light.

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Stand Magnifiers 

Stand magnifiers are helpful for reading books, magazines or stock pages and for some writing tasks. Because they rest on the page and don’t have to be held, they are ideal for those with tremors or for people who are not strong enough to hold a hand-held magnifier for any length of time.    

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Spectacle Magnifiers

Spectacle magnifiers are designed for near viewing distances and are useful for reading menus, letters, books and newspapers. They are especially helpful when both hands need to be free. New technology allows some lenses to be surprisingly thin - so your glasses will look like everyone else’s!

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Telescopic Vision Aids

Telescopes can be used to view objects that are near, far away and anywhere in between. You’ll be able to watch TV, work on a computer, and read bus numbers, street and shop signs etc., easier than ever! They can be monocular for one eye or binocular for both eyes.


Contrast Enhancing Glasses: Absorptive Filters

Absorptive filters enhance contrast by reducing bothersome blue light and cut glare so viewing is more comfortable! These filters are available in a wrap-around style (Solar3®) and a fit-over style (SolarShields®) and are available in 5 different tints.

Solar 3Solar ShieldSolar shield yellow

Video Magnifiers

Video magnifiers are electronic magnification devices that are available in desk-top and hand-held designs and enable you to modify the image of the object being viewed. Text color (white letters on black background, for example), brightness and contrast can easily be adjusted to make the object or text easier to see. Video magnifiers provide many levels of magnification from 1.5x – 50x. The portable video magnifiers are small and light enough to be taken to school, computer labs, or senior centers.

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How do I determine the category of the device that I need?

Each category of low vision aids is designed for different task distances and duration. Learn how to choose the right magnification device.

How do I use magnification devices?

Each category of low vision device has different techniques to maximize its usefulness. Learn more about using magnification devices.

How do I buy the low vision aids that I need?

Eschenbach sells its products to eye care and vision rehab professionals who can help you find the correct low vision device. They will provide a supportive and caring environment to overcome your visual challenges so success will be achieved.

Find a low vision specialist near you who carries our products and begin living life more independently!

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