Consumer Resource Center: Links to Resources

Visit these websites for more information about low vision, eye diseases (such as macular degeneration, etc.) and other information regarding the visually impaired.

CompaniesProfessional LinksConsumer Links
Ash Technologies
American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Foundation for the Blind
Designs for Vision
American Academy of Optometry
AMD Alliance
American Occupational Therapy Association
Braille Institute
Eschenbach Optik of Germany
American Optometric Association

Association for Education & Rehab f/t Blind & VI
Get Eye Smart

National Eye Institute
Foundation Fighting Blindness

National Institutes of Health
Macular Degeneration International

The Vision Council
Macular Degeneration Partnership

The Macula Foundation

National Eye Institute

National Institutes of Health

Prevent Blindness America

Social Security and Disability Resource Center

Think About Your Eyes
Library f/t Blind & Physcially Handicapped

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