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Eschenbach products have helped thousands of people enhance the quality of life and increase independence. Here are some comments people have about our products: 

SmartLux Digital Video Magnifier Invaluable to students in the classroom!   
Jordan has made great progress since receiving his Smart Lux magnifier through the Project Magnify program. He has always been very independent but still had to rely on assistance for most tasks. Now with the Smart Lux- he can start and complete most tasks on his own.  Before, Jordan would look at words and immediately say "I can't read that."  He got frustrated very easily. Now, he is demonstrating much more self confidence when reading or completing math activities.  He will attempt any task and frustrations have almost disappeared completely.  He can operate the magnifier on his own. He knows how to change the settings and take pictures by himself. The Smart Lux magnifier has been very helpful and has given Jordan a boost of confidence in himself!

Clip-on System – Does the trick! 
I have purchased magnifiers that attach to my eye glasses from your company and I love them. I've shared your company's name with a doctor who needed similar lenses.I use and need magnifiers for both home and at school plus, I also do a lot of sewing.I have returned to college as a Fine Arts student upon retiring after many years in Law Enforcement.

EB, Santa Paula, CA

MaxTV Glasses – Opened up a new world! 
I had purchased so many other devices previously that I wasn’t expecting much when I first bought theMax TV MaxTV glasses for my daughter who is 9 years old and has Aniridia.

I was so pleased when the MaxTV glasses opened a whole new world for my daughter. She uses them in school to view the board and now she can see everything just like all the other kids do. She brings them with her in the car and plays ‘I Spy’ with her brothers – which she was never able to play before.

She can read signs, takes them to the theatre and Broadway shows where she can see the whole stage because of the large field of view. She had never become completely enthralled with a play or show before, but she certainly does now because she can see everything! She also uses them at the museum for a safari class she attends.

She thinks they are ‘cool’ and so do her friends at school. The MaxTV glasses have made a huge difference in my daughter’s ability to see so many new things that she wasn’t able to see previously! AP, NY

“I use 4 different Eschenbach magnifiers, each for different tasks. I have a pocket magnifier that I take on-the-go, a lighted Makrolux for reading at my desk, and 2 Mobilux LED hand-helds—one to read small cooking instructions and food labels in the kitchen and the other for reading in bed. The quality of the lenses in these products is great! I recommend them to everyone!” 
A. P. Connecticut

“I was pleased by the SmartLux's sharp, clear images and the large screen that made tracking and tracing more efficient with less fatigue.  It was easy to operate and made reading and scanning objects simple with far less frustration with every magnification task it performed.  The SmartLux's large rectangular screen made visual orientation, spotting, and tracing less complicated.  I think this is a valuable, portable visual aid.”
R.D. Oklahoma

“My wife has an array of magnifiers, but she says the SmartLux Digital is better than all of them because she can see so much more of what she is looking at on the device screen. Instead of a couple of words, she says she can now see whole sentences and sometimes paragraphs!”
J. F. New Jersey 

“I have been unable to read the printing on my TV and the picture has been dim and I could only see the bodies of the actors, not their faces. When I tried the MaxTV glasses, my first remark was ‘the people all had faces and expressions’. Your product makes it a pleasure to watch TV again.”
B.S. Georgia

“I am 84 years old and legally blind in both eyes, but had the extreme good fortune to get an Eschenbach LED hand-held magnifier through my state rehab agency. The product has been like a miracle for me!”
R.B. Mississippi

“I had a retinal detachment and had to have surgery. It happened 3 more times, but now everything seems to be stable and I have been using an Eschenbach magnifier to help me get along. Thanks for making such a terrific magnifier. The quality of your products exceeds all the rest. If it wasn’t for such a great product, I probably would have had to resign from my job.”

Max TV“The MaxTV glasses worked so well in the theatre! Our tickets for Wicked were in the balcony section – very far away from the stage. But, as soon as I put on my MaxTVs, I felt like I had an Orchestra seat. I could actually see the facial expressions of the actors and so many details of the stage that I would not have seen without them. The MaxTV enriched the entire theatre experience!”
D.S. Connecticut

“I wish parents could feel the joy that I felt when my 15 year old daughter was able to look across the room and read words with the MaxEvent glasses that had only appeared as blurs seconds before. I would like other parents and their children to experience the absolute brilliance of that moment for themselves.”

If you have had a positive experience with an Eschenbach product, please contact us. We may add it to our website for other happy Eschenbach customers to read.

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