Consumer Resource Center: Product Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now, think what a video is worth! Eschenbach has archived a number of demonstration videos of our newest products so you can see how to use them and how each one can benefit you.

Patient Education Video - Free! "There Is Hope For You!"

Grandpa with Child In this video, "There Is Hope For You!" , you'll be able to view the technological advances in the past several years that have resulted in the development of highly specialized devices that help to compensate for vision loss. Be assured there are helpful, every day living products and optical and magnification devices available to you, which will provide solutions to the many obstacles that may be preventing you from remaining independent.

Produced by The Vision Council, the video is free of charge to you. Call (703) 548-4560 and ask for your free video, "There is Hope For You" . The video will be shipped by The Vision Council directly to you.

Product Demonstration Videos

To view these product demonstrations, just click on the product name below.

To purchase any of these products, contact Eschenbach for the name of a Low Vision Specialist in your area.