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Eschenbach is a leading manufacturer of high quality magnification solutions and is constantly introducing new products that attract the attention of our customers and the trade news outlets.

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All authorized online partners of Eschenbach Optik of America are issued an Authorized Dealer identifier. This signifies that the online partner complies with specific terms and conditions dictated by Eschenbach Optik of America, in the interest of protecting online customers of our products. There are unsanctioned “pirate” websites that offer Eschenbach products, usually at prices lower than Authorized Dealers. 

Enterprises such as these have not only failed to comply with Eschenbach Optik of America’s Terms and Conditions, but they utilize unlawful or unauthorized channels of supply. Eschenbach Optik of America routinely fields calls from customers who have purchased our products from unsanctioned websites, about service, warranty and other issues.

Products purchased from unauthorized internet retailers are not warranted by Eschenbach Optik of America. Authorized dealers advertise Eschenbach Optik of America products at the suggested retail price and unauthorized “pirate” sites are subject to intellectual property enforcement. 

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