For almost 100 years, Eschenbach has been a leader in manufacturing high-quality consumer optics!

Long-range optics, from Eschenbach, allow the magnification of distant objects and enjoyment of that visual experience in greater detail. Whether viewing nature, sports or entertainment, Eschenbach has the right product for your needs, offering a wide range of models to choose from.

Eschenbach’s rich tradition in the development of binoculars has led to innovations, such as ‘Naturebright’ coatings that offer completely color-accurate images in our Farlux and Regatta models. We also offer binoculars in both Porro and Roof Prism designs, as well as in compact sizes and wide-field versions.

Design is a key component to all of Eschenbach’s popular binoculars.  Our designs range from the unique RealTree® camouflaged Bison series to the traditional Trophy series. Eschenbach binoculars are ideal for bird-watching, sporting events, hunting, sailing, orienteering, and any other distance-viewing activities.