Opera Glasses

Small and compact, opera glasses are a great fashion accessory when attending the theater, opera, ballet, or symphony. Eschenbach features elegant and high quality opera glasses that make every seat in the house, the best seat in the house!

Opera glasses are also known as theater binoculars or Galilean binoculars, and are low-power optical magnification devices.  Magnification power below 5x is usually the norm in order to minimize shaking images and maintain a large field of view - the angular or linear extent of your line of sight that is present at any given moment.  A magnification of 3x, or thereabouts, is usually recommended.

When the magnification is above 3x, the entire stage may not be visible and you may miss some of the on-stage action.  You don’t want the opera glasses to be able to zero in on one area only; nor do you want fixed magnification because you won’t be able to adjust the magnification when it’s necessary to do so.  Ultimately, you’ll find that 3x magnification works extremely well to bring facial expressions and movements up close and personal.

A stylish and elegant accessory that will also prove to be very functional is an opera glass with a chain or cord.    This accessory allows your hands to be free, as the opera glasses hang around-the-neck during the performance when you are not using them, but are at-the-ready when needed.

Opera glasses come in a variety of colors, styles and finishes.  With modern technology and innovative assembly techniques, opera glasses are affordable for everyone!  Eschenbach opera glasses are made to complement and enhance your experience at the theatre, ensure maximum enjoyment, and enjoy full appreciation of the performance