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It has been estimated that over 20 million Americans, age 40 and older, suffer from some form of vision impairment, many of which are due to age-related eye diseases.  As the population of our country grows older, those numbers will only increase. 

Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is the leading cause of Low Vision, followed by diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.  A variety of other conditions such as in-operable or pre-operative cataracts, Stargardt's and other hereditary diseases can also cause impaired vision. 

Low Vision affects many Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), and many people are restricted due to the acuity levels with which they must live.  Difficulty with reading, writing, watching TV, spotting objects from a distance, and enjoying hobbies is the result.  However, with the correct optical device and training, many Low Vision patients can once again perform routine daily activities and regain much of their lost independence.

Eschenbach Optik is the leading source of Low Vision aids in the world! We have been manufacturing high quality optical products for over 90 years, and each year we introduce more innovative products than any other company in the industry. 

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Eschenbach carries over 1,000 products which include stand magnifiers, spectacle magnifiers, telescopes, video magnifiers, reading glasses, technical magnifiers, absorptive filters, and non-optical products. If you are looking to perform a specific task, we're sure to have a product that will fill that individual need.

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