Prismatic Eyewear: Spectacle Magnifiers

Prismatic Eyewear are designed for your patients who require higher levels of magnification, but don't want the look of traditional prismatic half-eyes. Eschenbach's Prism Eyewear include high-quality lenses in fashionable frame styles. Available in Bifocal Prism (#2906), Half-eye Prism (#1680), Economy Prism (B3000) and Premium Prism (#2702).

MiniFrame Bifos (#2906-xx) are bifocal, prismatic eyewear. These reading glasses are unique for Low Vision patients because they can enjoy two different lens powers of magnification in just one pair of glasses!

There are two distinct lens segments designed for different focal lengths. The top segment of each lens is +3.00 Diopters in magnification and the bottom segment is available in 4.5 Diopters, 6 Diopters or 7.5 Diopters. MiniFrame Bifo frames are offered in 4 colors - Gun Metal, Gold, Blue, and Red, for a total of twelve pairs to choose from.

The MiniFrame Bifo fills a need among practitioners to find a hands-free solution for patients who need eyewear with more magnification than is available in a typical reader. They are perfect for those patients who need a low-powered reader for normal text, but need a pair of high-powered prismatic eyewear to read the fine print.