Around-the-Neck Stand Magnifiers

Around-the-Neck Stand magnifiers are perfect for tasks that require both hands to be free, such as sewing, knitting, painting or other work or hobbies, such as scrutinizing coins or stamps.

They are manufactured with bi-aspheric lenses for near distortion-free viewing.  Magnification power ranges from 2x to 4x and the lens size ranges from 100mm to 140 x 100mm.  Some are equipped with an adjustable cord so they can be raised or lowered to suit any user.

All are manufactured with a transparent mounting to provide shadow-free viewing.  The lens type is a lightweight Biconvex PXM.  Rubber pads in the 'feet' will prevent slipping.  Some Around-the-Neck magnifiers can actually be combined with an LED bar light to provide illumination, if needed.