Bright Field Stand Magnifiers

Bright field stand magnifiers are manufactured with a calculated light guidance that directs all possible illumination onto the object or text.  This allows the most amount of light to enter the magnifier, and in turn, provides a brighter field of view without the use of an additional light source. 

Bright field stand magnifiers are inconspicuous in the sense they look like a paper weight.  They are very popular with children in school settings and with executives in business environments.  They offer distortion-free magnification and work simply by placing the magnifier directly on top of the reading material. 

Bright field stand magnifiers come is various magnification powers which range from 1.8x to 3.6x.  Eschenbach makes a new bright field magnifier called the MenasZoom where the user can increase or decrease the magnification with a simple twist of the top of the magnifier.  We also have bright fields with a rectangular viewing area that is the same size as a typical newspaper or magazine column. 

Lenses are made up of optical quality glass or PXM® with cera-tec® coating.Lens sizes range from35mm to 70mm. 

For a subtle and transportable magnifier that fits easily in a purse or pocket, one of the Bright Field group magnifiers may be just what your patients are looking for.