Stand Magnifiers

Stand magnifiers are one of many categories of vision aids that are available for use by the visually impaired.

A stand magnifier is basically a plus lens mounted on legs that fix the distance from the lens to the object. They work based on the principles of angular and relative distance magnification.

Some of the magnification, the ‘enlargement ratio’ or ‘transverse magnification’ is provided by the lens based on its distance from the object to be viewed.  The rest of the magnification is provided by the user via relative distance magnification or ‘holding things closer’.  The closer the user holds a stand magnifier to the eye or glasses, the more magnification they will obtain.

Years ago, stand magnifiers were available only in non-illuminated versions.  Because they relied on ambient light to illuminate the object or text, the legs often cast shadows across the field of view.  As a result, Eschenbach introduced the concept of a self-illuminating stand magnifier.

Currently, Eschenbach offers a wide selection of Stand Magnifiers to choose from. These include standard Head & Handle combinations, Bar and Bright Field magnifiers, Lamp and Gooseneck stand magnifiers, Pendant magnifiers, and an Around-the-neck magnifier which can be used for sewing, knitting or other hobbies when hands need to be free.

Some stand magnifiers are available with or without illumination; the illumination options include LED, halogen and incandescent.

Stand magnifiers are ideal for extended, near tasks such as reading a book, newspaper or magazine, writing small notes, signing checks, and doing crossword puzzles.

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