Diagnostic Assortment of Low Vision Aids

What is Included in Eschenbach’s Low Vision Program Diagnostic Assortment?

The diagnostic assortment of low vision aids included in Eschenbach’s Low Vision Program is comprised of a wide range of commonly used optical and electronic magnification devices. These products include:

  • Hand-held, stand, and spectacle magnifiers
  • Telescopic solutions
  • Video magnifiers
  • Contrast-enhancing absorptive filters

In addition, select non-magnification solutions such as reading charts, a reading stand and a task lamp are included to assist with the evaluation and demonstration process to ensure successful patient outcomes.

The products are organized into 6 trays with each tray comprised of a different diagnostic range of devices from one or two low vision device categories. The trays slide in and out of a cabinet called the Optoform System, which is compact (2’ x 2’ x 6’) and mobile. Larger items are stored in the storage cabinet below. Other cabinets / storage options are also available.

Do I Really Need all of Those Devices?

Just as a carpenter’s toolbox contains different tools that are necessary to perform different tasks, so too does a low vision “tool box”. For example, a short-term near task like reading a menu may require a hand-held magnifier, while a long-term distance task like watching television would require a telescopic device.

Experienced low vision practitioners know that by having a comprehensive diagnostic inventory of low vision aids, they are best able to meet the diverse needs and goals of their visually impaired patients. Eschenbach’s diagnostic assortment lets you quickly find and demonstrate a variety of devices, right there, during the exam without having the patient come back to try a different device that you’d have to wait to receive. This not only helps increase patient satisfaction, but also your (and your staff’s) satisfaction!

How Do I Find the Device I Need in the Optoform System?

Easy Selection GuideEschenbach’s Low Vision Program comes complete with an Easy Selection Guide that allows you to quickly find the device you need. Based on the magnification needs of the patient and the type of task being attempted (e.g., a short-term near task like reading a menu), the Easy Selection Guide will identify a number of devices by tray that may be appropriate.

Each product has its part number printed on a sticker underneath it in the tray, and each tray is labeled with its contents (e.g., Illuminated Hand-held Magnifiers), so you can quickly find the device for which you are looking.

in-office demonstrationSo, for example, if a patient is trying to read a menu and you determine that she needs 10D to accomplish that task, Eschenbach’s Easy Selection Guide would tell you to go to tray #4 (Illuminated Hand-held Magnifiers) and select product #1510-34, a 10D illuminated Hand-held Magnifier.

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