Low Vision Care is a Valuable Service You Can Provide

What is Low Vision Care?

Low Vision Care is a service offered by eye care or rehabilitation professionals to those who are visually impaired to help them maximize their remaining vision.

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This service typically includes:

  1. An evaluation or exam
  2. The selection, demonstration and dispensing of appropriate low vision aids
  3. Training or rehabilitation (among other services).

Low Vision Care is typically offered as an adjunct to the therapy or treatment for the underlying eye disease that causes the vision impairment. There are a number of different models for offering Low Vision Care which vary, depending on the number (and type) of practitioners involved, the setting (private practice, hospital, agency, etc.), and the range of patients seen (slightly visually impaired to severely visually impaired).

Does Low Vision Care Work?

Absolutely! In practices across North America, Low Vision Care has helped thousands of patients gain 3 or more lines on an eye chart and this success can be shown immediately to the patient during their first Low Vision exam.

In fact, a recent study on the benefits of using low vision devices concluded the following:

  1. Low vision devices are clinically proven to work!  In the study, initially only 16% of the visually impaired patients were able to read, but, with the help of a low vision aid, that number jumped to 94% - almost everyone in the study could read again—thanks to a low vision aid!
  2. Low vision devices are clinically proven to improve reading speed! The reading speed jumped from an average of 20 words per minute (wpm) with no low vision device, to 72 wpm when a low vision aid was used—an increase of 360%!

How Can I Get Started in Offering Low Vision Care?

Eschenbach has created a comprehensive Low Vision Program that is specifically designed for eye care and vision rehabilitation professionals wanting to begin offering Low Vision Care. The Program includes everything from devices to practice management and support.

Our comprehensive Program not only allows you to provide the care needed by those with vision loss, but it also adds revenue to your practice. To learn about the financial benefits of offering Low Vision Care, your local Territory Manager can provide a free Financial Analysis.

Contact Us to arrange a complimentary in-office demonstration of our Low Vision Program!

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