Low Vision: Overview for Professionals

What is Low Vision?

GrandfatherIf you are an eye care or vision rehabilitation professional, you probably see patients on a daily basis that suffer from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, inoperable cataracts, and other diseases that cause varying degrees of vision loss.

In some cases, the treatment offered (glasses, contacts, surgery or medicine) may not meet your or your patient’s expectations as they may continue to have vision loss that impacts performing normal activities of daily living, a condition called Low Vision. There are nearly 20 million people in the US alone who currently have this condition, and this number is projected to continue to grow as the population ages.    

Low Vision Care Can Help!

Fortunately, eye care and vision rehabilitation professionals can offer a service called  Low Vision Care that can help maximize the remaining vision of those who are visually impaired - thereby improving their quality of life and level of independence. Low Vision Care can allow the visually impaired to gain 3 lines or more on a visual acuity chart and give them the ability to again be able to enjoy reading, writing, watching television, playing cards, or handling their own finances.

Eschenbach’s Low Vision Program: The Essential Tool

To assist eye care and vision rehab professionals in implementing Low Vision Care in their practice (or to help enhance the care they currently provide), Eschenbach has created a comprehensive Low Vision Program.  Composed of 3 parts, this Program has everything you need to begin offering this valuable (and profitable) service!

Benefits of being an Eschenbach Customer

 Whether you’ve just added Low Vision Care as new service using our Low Vision Program or are an experienced Low Vision practitioner, enjoy the benefits of being an Eschenbach customer. In addition to the excellent customer care and support you’ll receive from our Customer Service, Shipping, Marketing, Accounting and Territory Manager teams, you’ll also have access to our on-line Resource Center.

You’ll not only be able to see the standard sections of the Resource Center, but you’ll also gain access to our special customer-only sections that feature  Clinical Case Studies presented by a leading Low Vision optometrist and numerous  Eschenbach webinars that are available on-demand 24/7.    

Unable to offer Low Vision Care?

If, for some reason, you choose not to offer Low Vision Care in your practice, we encourage you to at least refer your visually impaired patients to an eye care or rehabilitation professional who does so that your patients can get the care they need to maximize their remaining vision. You can either  Find a Specialist on our website or  Contact Us and we’ll get back to you with the names of Low Vision practitioners near you.

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