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Tray - Noves Eyewear

Tray - Noves Eyewear

  • SKU:  1697#
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The Noves system is the first eyewear ever produced to feature diffractive optical structures to magnify the image for the user. Thanks to years of research and millions of dollars in investments, Eschenbach's Noves lenses, at less than 5mm in thickness can provide the magnifying power of refractive lenses more than twice as thick and many times the weight. And, Noves lenses represent the first low vision eyewear that is truly subtle, yet attractive!

Contains 13 pieces: 1681-3-L, 1681-3-R, 1681-4-L, 1681-4-R, 1681-5-L, 1681-5-R, 1681-6-L, 1681-6-R, 1682-4, 1682-5, 1682-6, 1682-8, 1682-10. Tray insert 1697-73 at not charge, with purchase of assortment.

8 Noves Mono: 12D Left, 12D Right, 16D Left, 16D Right, 20D Right, 20D Left, 24D Right, 24D Left

5 Noves Bino: 4Dx, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D

Also optionally available: 1880 white display tray with 1882-2 acrylic cover.


  • Dimensions: 12'' L x 18'' W
  • Miscellaneous: Tray #5 in the Optoform Assortment

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