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Half Size EasyPOCKET Magnifiers Tray

Half Size EasyPOCKET Magnifiers Tray

  • SKU:  1883-3#
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The half size diagnostic tray of EasyPOCKET Hand-held magnifiers can be combined with other half size trays (i.e. #18820) to completely fill an Optoform tray base. The custom half try insert is labeled for easy product reordering.

Contains 6 pieces: the 1521-10 (3x), 1521-11 (3x), 1521-22 (4x) EasyPOCKET magnifiers, the 1522-10 (2.5x), 1522-11 (2.5x) EasyPOCKET XL magnifiers, and the 1883-33 custom half tray insert.

Optionally Available:

1) 1895-01 grey tray base - for use with the 1895 or 1895-C Optoform Display.
2) 1880 white tray base with 1882-2 acrylic cover - for use with the 1860-5 Mini Optoform Display.


  • Magnification: 3x-4x
  • Dimensions: 12'' L x 9'' W

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