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Eschenbach Near Reading Chart - French

Eschenbach Near Reading Chart - French

  • SKU:  C-100F
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This chart provides an effective method to expedite the process of determining the needed magnification within minutes! Also available in Spanish (C-100-S) and English (C-100).

Usage Note: Each line of text lists Snellen near equivalent (at 16"), M notion, dioptric power requirement and magnification requirement. To use: Simply have the patient read the chart, holding it at a comfortable reading distance with best corrected vision. When the patient can no longer read the print, make a note of which line could not be read. Above that line to the right is the approximate magnification and dioptric powers needed to read standard news print. (1M)

Snellen Acuity Range: 20/50-20/800


  • Miscellaneous: Printed in French, holding distance: 16 in.

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