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Spec Light Clip-on

Spec Light Clip-on

  • SKU:  FGX-10400397
  • US $40.00


The SpecLight is a unique clip-on light featuring in a clever design that attaches onto the bridge of your glasses. Its purpose is to provide additional illumination when none or not enough light is available to complete the specific task at hand.

Features of the SpecLight include:

-   2 bright LED lights in broad beams that last up to 50 hours

-  An adjustable clip mechanism that tilts and can be positioned to view objects at any viewing angle

-  The adjustable clip is light in weight making it comfortable to wear even for long periods of time

-  The adjustable clip has rubber-coated ‘legs’ that ensure the wearer’s lenses and coating will not be
   scratched by the mechanism, so users can use it with confidence

-  The brightness is adjustable – there is a two-step on/off switch that allows the user to use one or
   two of the LED light beams, which increases energy efficiency

-  SpecLights require only 2 coin cell Lithium batteries [# CR2032] which provide 30 hours of

-  Two extra batteries are included in the case, providing an additional 50 hours of illumination

-  A black, crush-proof, protective clam-shell case is included with the purchase of SpecLights

The SpecLight allows you to utilize your prescription glasses and include illumination when you need it in any type of low light situation, such as reading in bed without disturbing others, reading maps in low light environments, working on hobbies, reading menus in restaurants, doing home repairs, or finding important items during a blackout.


  • Illumination: 2 LEDs
  • Power Source: 2 flat-button batteries (CR 2032)
  • Miscellaneous: Includes crush-proof case and 2 extra batteries

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