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Clip-on System Kit

Clip-on System Kit

  • SKU:  1647
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Designed to provide the eye care professional with a complete set of binocular and monocular clip-on lenses and two different lens attachment mechanisms (a 4-pronged clip and a frame). Provides for hands-free work with a comfortable working distance, even with a high level of magnification. Also ideal for leisure activities and crafts.

Contents: Includes 8 Pieces: 1644-504 LaboMED; 1645-5 Lens; 1645-1 Lens; 1645-2 Lens; 1645-3 Lens; 1645-4 Lens; 1645-7 Lens; 1646-20 LaboCLIP (1 of each).


  • Magnification: From 1.7x to 7x
  • Diopter: From 2.5D to 28D
  • Miscellaneous: Includes: 1644-504; 1645-5; 1645-1; 1645-2; 1645-3; 1645-4; 1645-7; 1646-20

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