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UniVision Spectacle Magnifier Kit

UniVision Spectacle Magnifier Kit

  • SKU:  UN-910-1002
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The UniVision lens is a 22mm round, lightweight, high plus lens, which forms a microscopic system when mounted on a spectacle lens. UniVision incorporates an aspheric front-power-curve which improves viewing quality by virtually eliminating spherical aberration. Optically, the lens provides better edge-to-edge clarity when compared to a sphere of the same power, providing a larger field of view.

The unique UniVision adhesive application system allows the eyecare professional to mount the lens [with ease] directly onto the patient's spectacles in the office setting. The versatile system provides the flexibility to apply the UniVision lens in any position at a later date, as well as the ability to upgrade or downgrade the power of the lens. The UniVision lens can be easily interchanged to accommodate the patient's changing eye needs, or it can also be removed entirely, if necessary all within the office setting.

The UniVision system has the ability to adhere to a wide variety of spectacle materials, such as high index glass, polycarbonate, CPF lenses, as well as to lenses with tints or reflective coatings.

The UniVision Kit includes an assortment of diagnostic (in trial rings) and dispensable UniVision lenses in an attractive case with all the application tools you'll need to demonstrate and mount the lens.


  • Accessories: UniVision Lenses: 10D, 16D, 20D, 24D, 28D, 32D, 36D, attractive metal case (included)

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