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Visolux Digital HD

Visolux Digital HD

  • SKU:  1652-1
  • 1208.9 USDUS $1,208.90


The Visolux Digital HD combines modern technology with intuitive operation and provides the ultimate reading comfort. This advanced video magnifier features an extra-large 7” LCD screen with anti-glare coating, an HD camera, built-instand, and many other features, all at a competitive price! 

The device’s unique Dynamic Line Scrolling (DLS) feature allows the user to scroll side to side on the screen in higher magnification levels without having tomove the device. Its HD camera actually sees more than what’s shown on thescreen, making reading a book or magazine easier than ever. The optional Visolux Digital HD Base increases the distance away from the image area so that writing underneath is easier.

The Visolux Digital HD’s built-in HDMI and USB ports allow the user the option to transmit images directly to their computer and live stream to a television screen. It’s unmatched connectivity options and superior image quality make this the ultimate low vision device!  

To register your Visolux Digital HD or purchase an Extended 1-Year Warranty on your video magnifier CLICK HERE

NEW Visolux Digital HD Software Version 2.02 Upgrade Available:
Download the Software Version 2.02: 
 Software Version 2.02 Upgrade 


  • Magnification: 2x to 22x in steps or continuous zoom
  • Illumination: LED illumination with 3 brightness settings (100%, 75%, 50%)
  • Power Source: Li-ion rechargeable battery. Operation time 3.5 hrs.; recharging time 2-3.5 hrs.
  • Field of view: 71mm x 40mm
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Screen/Display Size: 7'' LCD display (1024x600) with anti-glare coating
  • Viewing Modes: True color as well as 14 false colors
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Optional base #1652-105 available, Zippered crush-proof case (included), 4GB removable SD card (included)
  • Miscellaneous: HDMI cable included for live streaming to a television, USB cable included for downloading images to a MAC/PC

Product Ratings and Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
  • 6/18/2019
  • Cerendia W.
  • Sikeston, MO
The Visolux Digital HD is a wonderful product I have provided for my clients. They love the clear images. They have been very pleased with the increased vision it has given them.
  • 2/15/2019
  • John
  • Metuchen, NJ
My 83 year old mother with low vision still lives independently and uses the Visolux Digital HD. This unit is extremely easy to use and has adjustable contrast that allows you to adjust for individual conditions/needs. Recently she misplaced the charger and after a quick call to Eschenbach's customer service we had one two days later. Not just a great product but a great company with excellent customer service. Thank you
  • 6/24/2018
  • Thomas A.
  • Timonium, MD
The Visolux Digital HD portable video magnifier was perfect for a 12 year old patient I recently saw in my practice. He needed help reading small Hebrew text and loved the long working distance the Visolux provided along with the large field of view and clear HD image it provided which allowed him to see many letters at once.
  • 6/19/2018
  • Donald F., MD
  • Fort Myers, FL
For my low vision patients, 3 of my most valuable vision enhancement tools are the SmartLux and the 7 and 12 inch Visolux models. They are effective, easy to operate and affordable to many patients. They represent 3 excellent options for a variety of tasks and are clearly now my favorite portable electronic devices.
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