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WellnessPROTECT Eyewear

In the visible light spectrum, blue light is the high energy, short wavelength light that can easily scatter as it crosses through different media in the eye, thereby causing intra-ocular glare and reduction in contrast (i.e., the ability to separate an object from its background).

Eschenbach’s new WellnessPROTECT® Eyewear absorptive filters blocks this bothersome blue light thereby reducing intra-ocular glare, increasing contrast, and improving the user’s viewing experience.  The tinted lenses protect the eyes by blocking light 470nm in wavelength and less, cutting out most blue light. In addition, the WellnessPROTECT® Eyewear can be prescription corrected and made in any of the standard filtering tints including orange (525nm), amber (511nm), plum (400nm) or deep red (550nm). 

They offer a choice of two attractive frames styles and colors that provide protection, comfort and style. The protection comes from shields on the top and bottom of the lens as well as from a custom made side shield.  Although providing excellent, full coverage, the side shields still allow air to circulate freely avoiding the fogging that can occur with more snugly fitting eyewear.  

WellnessPROTECT® Eyewear is available in both small and large sizes in both frame styles.  The smaller frame measurements are 54mm by 16mm, and the larger frame measurements are 57mm by 16mm. 

Most eyewear that blocks 470nm light and less is bright yellow, however, Eschenbach’s WellnessPROTECT® Eyewear is available in 5 different tints: light 15% brown, darker 65% brown, 75% brown, 85% brown, and a gradient that is 50% brown at the top of the lens and decreases to 10% at the bottom of the lens.

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