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Aplanatic Hand-held Magnifiers

The purpose of the aplanatic Lens is to correct spherical aberration.  In an ideal optical system, all rays of light from a point in the object plane would converge to the same point in the image plane, forming a clear image.  The influences which cause different rays to converge to different points are called aberrations.

Eschenbach created the aplanatic lens with the concept that all of the rays emitted from one point come to a single focus in a corresponding point - offering the best optics available in magnifiers.  The aplanatic lens is made of a high quality PXM®lightweight lens system consisting of two plano-convex lenses that give a clearly defined, distortion-free image. 

Due to its edge-to-edge distortion-free optics, this lens design is especially useful for patients with macular degeneration.

Eschenbach's aplanatic magnifiers provide excellent distortion-free optics, they have ergonomic handles with soft easy-to-hold plastic handes, and are light in weight, which is particularly helpful for patients with little hand strength.

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