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Hand-held Magnifiers

Hand-held magnifiers are the one of the simplest and most familiar magnifiers to use.  Nearly everyone has used a hand-held magnifier at some point in time. 

The hand-held magnifier design involves a handle that is attached to a lens through which the user will view an object.  Because the user has the ability to adjust the distance between the lens and the object, hand-held magnifiers can be used to easily compensate for slight differences in uncorrected nearsightedness or farsightedness. 

Eschenbach offers a wide range of hand-held magnifiers from which to choose. We carry illuminated and non-illuminated hand-held magnifiers with a variety of lens designs - including aspheric, aplanatic, biconvex, and the hi-tech diffractive lens. There are also options of available light sources to consider when choosing a hand-held magnifier.  These include incandescent lighting or light emitting diodes (LEDs). 

Due to the fact the user must support the weight of the magnifier, hand-held magnifiers are ideal for short-term spotting tasks such as reading prescription bottles, menus, and price tags.  They are the ideal choice for any task where a near object will be viewed for a short period of time. When reading for longer periods of time, consider using a stand magnifier, magnifying spectacles, or a video magnifier.

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