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Lamp Magnifiers

Lamp magnifiers offered by Eschenbach are available in designs that sit on or clamp on to a table or desk and have LED or fluorescent illumination. They have large aspheric lenses and feature flexible swivel heads, generous working distances, articulated arms.  A patented cera-tec© coating is applied during the manufacturing process that makes the lens nearly glass hard, and thereby minimizing scratches.  

They supply a generous working distance of about 12 inches from eye-to-lens, and about 8 inches from lens-to-object.  They include a variable clamp which attaches to tables or desk that are between 3/4 to 3 inches in thickness.  

Lamp magnifiers are perfect for extended near to intermediate tasks that need both magnification and illumination in a hands-free design such as for hobbies, quality control, or inspection.

Some lamp magnifiers are available with lens protectors and some have additional lenses available to increase magnification up to 7 Diopters.

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