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Clip-on Systems

Eschenbach carries both a frame for clip-on lenses and clip-on systems. Frames for clip-on lenses are lightweight and can be comfortably worn over eyewear. The metal frames have a black matte finish and provide an unrestricted field of view. The lens positioning can be easily adjusted using the quick snap closure.

Clip-on lens systems are designed to provide spectacle wearers with the option of hands-free magnification. Our systems are lightwegiht and fit most eyeglass frames.  The lens is set 2 inches from the eye, allowing for a more comfortable working distance.

When the lens is not needed, it can be flipped up out of the way.  The lens material is PXM lightweight lens with cera-tec coating to protect it from scratches.  There are also four rubber tips for the clamps to protect the spectacle lenses.

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