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Combination Hand-held Magnifiers

Eschenbach manufactures a unique hand-held / stand combination magnifier.  This series offers two magnifers in one.  First, the magnifier can be used as a standard hand-held magnifier.  Second, with its metal legs unfolded, the magnifiers can be used either as a fixed stand magnifer or, in the tilted down position, it can be used as an inclined stand magnifier.

For portability, simply fold in the metal legs, fold in the handle and slide it into its leather case.  These magnifiers have an aspheric PXM® lightweight lens with cera-tec® coating.  The handles are black plastic and a black leather case is included.  The lens sizes range from 75 x 50 mm to 100 x 75 mm.  Diopter powers range from 6.3 to 10 diopters.

Another possibility is the combination hand/stand/pocket magnifier.  Product #2050-1 has an ultra-modern functional design that is small enough to be portable.  The design offers three different types of magnifier in one.  The Lens on the Visoflex magnifier is Biconvex and the lens size is 60 mm.

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