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Folding Pocket Magnifiers

Eschenbach pocket magnifiers are small, compact, lightweight, and functional magnifiers that can be taken with you anywhere. These types of magnifiers are great for people who are on the go and who need a magnifying glass in a compact size to fit in a pocket, handbag or purse.

Eschenbach carries a colorful array of folding magnifiers in teardrop and square shapes that include the following colors: coffee, cherry red, teal green, and solid black. Our magnifiers use a bi-aspheric PXM magnifying lens to ensure your view of the subject is free of distortion.

Folding pocket magnifiers are ideal for everyday purposes such as reading the mail, reading menus in restaurants, reading train schedules, or reading the fine print wherever you are. They are excellent for use in hobbies such as inspecting stamps and coins, identifying insects, inspecting jewelry, and more.

Eschenbach magnifiers have a swing-away case than is made of fine soft, leather. They are available in two of the most popular magnification powers - 3x and 6x. Lens sizes range from 30mm to 60mm. As with any magnifier, it’s important to keep in mind that as magnification power increases, the magnifier's lens size decreases. As a result a 6x power magnifier will have a lens about the size of one inch in diameter, while a 3x power will be larger.

Take your pocket magnifier with you to trade shows, shops, and garage sales. It will provide the opportunity for a close-up, magnified look before you buy. Magnifiers also make a great gift for anyone who requires magnification throughout the day. In addition, it’s always a good idea to keep a magnifier in the glove compartment of your car for reading maps or for emergency use.

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