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Noves Eyewear

The noves line of eyewear from Eschenbach features diffractive lenses that are a fraction of the thickness of comparable magnifying eyewear.  The noves bino system is another example of how Eschenbach and multi-order diffractive technology are leading low vision care into the future.  

Both the noves mono (high-powered) and noves bino (low powered) eyewear can be purchased in either a gold or a gun metal frame, thereby giving your patients a choice in frames.  Both frames are stylish and feature spring-hinged temples and soft silicone pads for maximum comfort.

In addition, the noves eyewear is offered in a broader range of powers. The noves mono is available in a 6X (24D) power complementing the 3X (12D), 4X (16D), and 5X (20D) versions. And, the noves bino is available in 10D, adding to the 4 powers already introduced (4D, 5D, 6D and 8D). These magnification options allow you a greater range to choose from to better meet your patients needs.

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