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SolarComfort Filters

SolarComfort® Contrast Enhancing Absorptive Filters are wrap-around style glasses that are ideal for emmetropes (those who require no correction), contact lens wearers, younger patients, and fashion-conscious seniors. Unlike SolarShields, Solar Comforts are meant to be worn as ‘wear-alones’, as opposed to fitting over a patient’s standard eyewear.

Available in five lens tints - amber, yellow, polarized gray, orange, and plum - SolarComfort® absorptive filters are unisex, lightweight, and designed to reduce intra-ocular glare (gray) and improve contrast (orange, plum, amber, yellow).

All SolarComfort® filters block 100% of UVA/UVB rays and are made with bend-to-fit temples for a custom fit.  Frames are made of lightweight nylon 66. The tinted lenses block visible light in the following wavelengths: gray and plum lenses (400nm); yellow (450nm); amber (511nm); orange (521nm).

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