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Spectacle Microscopes

Spectacle Microscopes are composed of a spectacle mounted lens that is used to produce magnification for reading or other near tasks.   The lenses are usually of greater power than a traditional lens and allow an increased sized image by holding the object closer to the eye without placing extra accommodation demands on the eye.

One advantage of a spectacle microscope is the patient has a large field of view to work with because the lens is close to the eye.

The UniVision lens is a 22mm round, lightweight, high plus lens that forms a microscopic system when mounted on a spectacle lens.  The lens can be applied in any position and the lens power can be upgraded or downgraded as necessary. The UniVision lenses are offered in a wide variety of powers ranging from 8D to 40D.

The Designs for Vision (DVI) spectacle microscopes feature the company's patented ClearImage II lenses which provide edge to edge clarity. The are offered in powers ranging from 8D to 32D.

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