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Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. produces an informative newsletter each month that provides an excellent source of information about our new products, promotions, webinars, and trade shows at which we will be exhibiting. The newsletter also features useful industry news that is pertinent to Low Vision professionals.  

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September 2018 - Introducing the New 8D Mobilux LED Magnifier!
The #1512-200 is the newest addition to the Mobilux® LED series of illuminated hand-held magnifiers and has a 3.5” x 2” lens, the largest lens size of the group. Like the other Mobilux® LED Magnifiers in the series, it features a nearly distortion-free lens, a patented anti-scratch coating and a limited lifetime warranty making it an ideal solution for low vision patients.

August 2018 - New Distance Viewing Accessories for the VLD XL!
The Visolux Digital XL FHD portable video magnifier has an HDMI-in option which allows users the ability to connect a video camera to view distance objects and the image will appear on the Visolux Digital screen. A variety of distance viewing accessories are now available to purchase with the Visolux Digital XL including a distance camera, a swivel HDMI cable and a tripod!

July 2018 - The New Smartlux Digital Bumper is now Available!
Add extra protection to your Smartlux Digital video magnifier by using the Smartlux Digital Bumper! This rubber bumper wraps around the magnifier to minimize damage if it’s dropped. It also provides a comfortable grip around the unit so that it does not slide out of the users hands.

June 2018 - Take Advantage of the New VLD XL FHD Special Promotion!
The New #1655-1 Visolux Digital XL FHD is a portable video magnifier featuring a 12” interactive touch screen with menu speech output, Dynamic Line Scrolling, an FHD camera, and HDMI input and output functionality. It is easy to use, provides bright LED illumination and includes a wide magnification range from 2x-22x. 

May 2018 - Introducing The New Ultra Slim VisoPOCKET Folding Magnifiers! 
The VisoPOCKET is a 2.5x folding pocket magnifier with a wide field of view and ultra-slim lens making it a handy tool when small print needs to be read on-the-go. The high-quality leather case protects the diffractive aspheric lens from dust and scratches and comes in three different colors (black, red/bordeaux, and brown). The thin lens is 1/3 the thickness of other pocket magnifiers, making it extremely lightweight and discreet.

April 2018 - See The New Base for the 7" Visolux Digital Magnifier! 
The Visolux Digital HD Base00 (#1652-105) is an optional accessory for the Visolux Digital HD00 (#1652-1) that allows users to increase the working distance under the camera so that writing underneath is easier. As you may know, our Visolux Digital HD is a hand-held video magnifier that features a 7” LCD screen, 2-22x magnification, 14 viewing modes and Dynamic Line Scrolling, among many other features.

March 2018 - See the New Visolux Digital XL FHD with 12" Touch Screen!
The new #1655-1 Visolux Digital XL FHD is a portable video magnifier featuring a 12” interactive touch screen, audio prompts when selecting menu options, Dynamic Line Scrolling, an FHD camera, and HDMI input and output functionality. It is easy to use, provides bright LED illumination and includes a high magnification range from 2x-22x.

February 2018 - Announcing the Eschenbach Tint Kit!
The New CO-4100 Tint Kit is designed to make it easier and faster for you to use Eschenbach’s Custom Solutions Program to order prescription corrected filters. It contains a wide assortment of lens tints and frames to demonstrate to your patients - all in one portable case! 

January 2018 - Announcing the New Chameleon LED Table Lamp!
The new BP-2268 Chameleon Lamp is ideal for those with low vision because it provides five different light color options and brightness levels to optimize the viewing environment. It also offers superior illumination with an exceptionally high Color Rending Index score (94 out of 100) which makes for near perfect contrast and color matching.

December 2017 - Check out Eschenbach's New Website!
We've updated our website with a brand new design, advanced product directory and an enhanced e-commerce platform. Be sure to also check out the updated search functionality and take advantage of being able to write a product review at www.eschenbach.com!

November 2017 - The Mobilux Digital Touch Hand-held Video Magnifier now Comes With a Base!
The Mobilux® Digital Touch HD is a portable video magnifier featuring a 4.3” HD TFT LCD screen with anti-glare coating and LED illumination. With the new #1651-105 Mobilux® Digital Base attached to the bottom of the magnifier, a larger field of view can be obtained along with a lower magnification.

October 2017 - Our Pollinelli Reading Glasses are Now Available with Plano Lenses!

The Polinelli® premium readers collection now includes two styles that come in plano lenses so that you can help all of your patients - including emmetropes and contact lens wearers - reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain. Each pair of Polinelli® readers includes a patented lens-coating that blocks approximately 30% of potentially harmful blue light to help provide a better viewing experience, especially when looking at digital devices.

September 2017 - New Circuit FLEX Sunglasses are Here!
Due to their unique frame design, the Circuit FLEX sunglasses are an ideal choice when making prescription-corrected absorptive filters for patients with higher refractive errors. The frames provide 8-base protection, but with the removable 6-base adapter in place, lenses can be made to accommodate stronger refractive errors while still benefiting from the close temple fit that an 8-base frame provides! 

August 2017 - Check out our Illuminated Readers!
Our LightSpecs™ reading glasses offer the perfect combination of magnification AND illumination. With powers up to +5.00D, they are the ideal choice for patients who need higher magnifications to perform near tasks. LightSpecs™ also assist with reading in dimly lit environments such as dark restaurants or in the bedroom.

July 2017 - Have you seen our Multi-focus Reading Glasses?
The Private Eye Multi-focus readers are high-quality reading glasses that feature specialized lenses with different magnification zones so your patients can wear the same pair of readers for different tasks. One pair of glasses can be used for across the desk viewing (low strength), computer viewing (medium strength), and reading (strong strength). Your patients will appreciate the advanced technology in these unique readers and how they help them see clearly at 3 distance levels.

June 2017 - Eschenbach Supports National Sunglasses Day!
Sunglasses continue to be the most effective tool for preventing immediate and long-term UV damage to our eyes. Over time, UV light can accelerate serious eye conditions such as cataracts and AMD. To support National Sunglasses Day, let your patients know how important it is to wear UV-protective eyewear every day. Eschenbach carries a variety of sunglasses and filters00 that include 100% UV protection, so ask your Eschenbach Territory Manager which ones are the best fit for your practice/organization.

May 2017 - New Half Tray Product Assortments!
We now offer half size trays for the #1895 Optoform Cabinet and #1894 Premium Table-top Optoform Display. Our new half size trays can be combined with any other half size tray to completely fill an Optoform tray base. By utilizing half trays, different combinations of products can be featured on each shelf.

April 2017 - New WellnessPROTECT® XL Contrast Enhancing Glasses!
The new WellnessPROTECT® XL (#1663-9) is the largest frame in the WellnessPROTECT® family, measuring 65mm x 12mm x 145mm. This larger size allows you to fit a broader range of patients, some of whom might not have been able to use the smaller sizes. It includes top and bottom protection as well as side shields that can be tinted to match the lenses.

March 2017 - New Premium Table-top Optoform Display!
Our attractive New Table-top Optoform Display #1894 is a miniature version of the #1895 full size Optoform Cabinet and includes 2 shelves for tray inserts and a top shelf for extra display room. The clear plastic door closes to cover the front opening of the display and can be removed if desired. The display comes with your choice of 3 different header graphics that slide into the top display piece.

February 2017 - The New Polinelli Readers are Here!
Our new Polinelli® Premium Readers collection combines a modern and bold style with BluePro Technology--a patented lens coating that blocks approximately 30% of potentially harmful blue light to help provide a better viewing experience. The collection also features UV400 protection which eliminates glare for enhanced visual clarity.

January 2017 - The New MagniLink Voice II is Here!
Introducing the MagniLink Voice II! The MagniLink Voice II is a second generation reading machine with high performance, contemporary design and expanded features. With the push of a button, this user-friendly reading machine converts text into speech. Its slimmer compact design makes the reading machine easy to travel with and takes up minimal space when set up. It can read misaligned documents and full letter pages and has automatic language detection with a voice feedback on all functions.

December 2016 - Happy Holidays!
Eschenbach would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season. Make sure to take advantage of the Visolux Digital HD promotion and MagniLink Special Offer before they're over!

November 2016 - Ophthalmology Association Makes Vision Rehabilitation a Standard of Care!
The CEO of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recently stated in a video announcement that “Vision rehabilitation is now the standard of care for patients who are losing their vision.” The video goes on to define low vision as “visual acuity <20/40, scotoma, field loss or contrast sensitivity loss.”

October 2016 - Mobilux Digital Touch HD Software Upgrade!
The Mobilux Digital Touch HD hand-held video magnifier now includes software (Version 2.0) with enhanced new features! With the upgraded version, the device is Windows 10 compatible, has increased magnification (up to 15x), can be used left-handed or right-handed and allows for the screen image to be adjusted from a PC computer when connected for the live streaming option. Learn how to upgrade yours today!


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