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Eschenbach offers the largest range of high-quality magnification solutions on the market. Our products include magnifiers, telescopes, readers, magnifying eye wear, absorptive filters, video magnifiers, diagnostic assortments and displays, and more!

They range in magnification from 1x to over 50x and are precision made and quality crafted. Eschenbach products are found in 5 different catalogs and in various brochures.  Each catalog and brochure can be downloaded to your computer, viewed online, or requested by mail. The catalogs and brochures include:

Eschenbach Product Catalog
Eschenbach is a leading manufacturer of high quality magnification solutions for the visually impaired. From absorptive filters to hand-held and desktop video magnifiers and more, we've got what you are looking for!

Visions of Life
Visions of Life catalog features Eschenbach's line of quality binoculars and opera glasses.


Eschenbach Video Magnifier Products
Eschenbach carries a wide assortment of video magnification solutions that offer features that are not available in optical magnifiers. For example, video magnifiers (also known as electronic magnifiers) can provide high magnifications while maintaining a large field of view and can allow the color of the text and its background to be altered to improve contrast. Plus video magnifiers can provide features that improve reading speed and comprehension such as an underline, blinds and OCR/text-to-speech readout.



Eschenbach Readers and Absorptive Filter Products
Eschenbach carries a comprehensive assortment of high-quality reading glasses and contrast enhancing eyewear. Eschenbach’s wide assortment of unique reading glasses and absorptive filters will help you meet the needs of your presbyopic patients and those looking to reduce glare and improve contrast.


Custom Solutions Catalog
Eschenbach offers a wide assortment of prescription correctable products so you can provide customized solutions for your patients. We offer prescription correction on a variety of head mounted low vision devices with a choice of lens type, color, coating and mounting position depending on the type of product selected.

Clearly The Best Catalog
Eschenbach's Mobilux LED Hand-held Magnifiers are clearly the best due to their advanced features. They have the best brightness, best illumination options, best diagnostic range, best scratch resistance, best warranty and best value!

MagniLink Zip Premium
The MagniLink Zip is a foldable device known for its image quality and user-friendly operation. It's modernize design includes a control panel with tactile buttons and knobs for easy operation and the latest HD/FHD camera provides an amazing picture. Now available with a built-in distance camera that rotates for mirror mode use and has optional USB/HDMI connection as well as TTS software for MAC and PC.
MagniLink S Premium
The MagniLink S Premium is a portable video magnifier that is perfect for students at school, in the workplace, or in the home and includes a powerful TTS for speech output. It connects to a laptop, desktop, or monitor and needs no batteries. The magnification range is 1.6x - 75x and the camera totates hoizontally and vertically for seeing a white board or for near tasks such as reading and writing. A handy portable carrying case is included.
MagniLink Vision Premium
The MagniLink Vision premium desktop, video magnifier with Award winning design. The adjustable monitor height allows for ergonomic comfort and the X-Y reading table, with brakes, puts the material in perfect view. The MagniLink Vision is compatible with a Mac as well as a PC and has an optional text-to-speech OCR function. Personalize the device by choosing from 4 different control panel styles and adjusting your specific user configurations.
MagniLink Voice II
The MAGNILINK VOICE II is a user-friendly reading machine which was designed with emphasis in three areas: its engineers focused on simplicity and ease of use, on high performance so it out-performs other like devices on the market, and contemporary design – it fits exceedingly well in an Office, school, or home! MagniLink Voice is extremely easy to use. Put the text in place and press the large orange control button – and you’re done. A few seconds later, the user will hear the text read aloud – it’s that simple!
MagniLink PRO
The MagniLink PRO is designed with the ambition to be the ultimate system for all professionals, regardless of what they do. MagniLink PRO is a complete system incorporating most of the features desired by users from the start - and the rest are offered as accessories, to cover everyone's needs. It can be connected directly to a PC or MAC computer as well as a monitor or smart board. The high-quality, full high definition camera, and portable design make this a powerful multi-functional device.

To view our catalogs, you’ll need Adobe Reader, as all catalogs are in a PDF format.

For a free download of Adobe Reader, Click Here.

To request a hard copy of any one of our catalogs, Contact Us.Adobe Reader


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