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Doctor Teresa with ManYou may know that low vision rehabilitation is now the standard for low vision care. The American Academy of Ophthalmology encourages early vision rehabilitation referrals for patients with vision loss. Watch the AAO video here!

For over 30 years, Eschenbach’s Low Vision Program has brought success to thousands of practices that offer low vision care. For eye care and vision rehab practitioners interested in offering low vision care in their practice, Eschenbach’s unique Low Vision Program is the perfect turn-key solution.

 Our Low Vision Program consists of 3 essential components:

  1. In-office Training:  A knowledgeable Eschenbach Territory Manager will come to your practice to conduct extensive training for you and / or your staff on vision aid applications, as well as provide dispensing tips and share practice management techniques.
  2. Consultative Support: You’ll be provided with a vast range of marketing tools including patient screening materials, third-party reimbursement codes, and other resources that have been developed based on input from hundreds of successful low vision practices.
  3. A Diagnostic Dispensing System:  An attractive and functional Optoform Cabinet that contains a comprehensive diagnostic inventory of vision aids to meet the diverse functional needs of your visually impaired patients. Several standard tray assortments are available as well as customizable packages.

With Eschenbach’s Low Vision Program, you’ll get all the tools you’ll need to maximize patient outcomes, compliance and overall patient (and staff) satisfaction. Our Low Vision Program will help you obtain successful patient outcomes and positive financial results - with an ROI of up to 100% in 12 months!



How Much Does the Low Vision Program Cost?

The cost of the Low Vision Program varies depending on the type of Diagnostic Dispensing System selected and on the payment method selected. In general, though, the Low Vision Program typically costs no more than a standard piece of ophthalmic equipment.

Eschenbach’s Optoform Diagnostic Dispensing System Includes: 

  • Illuminated Backlit Graphic
  • Clear Top Shelf Showcase
  • 6 Tray Slots & 2 Shelves 
  • Lockable Cabinet Door
  • Castor Wheels for Mobility
  • Comprehensive Assortment of Low Vision Aids- Plus a Desktop and Hand-held Video Magnifier

With financing and leasing options available, you are sure to find a choice that fits your practice needs. Payment options include:

  • Net 30 days for payment
  • 4-Payment Plan
  • Leasing with 3rd Party (1-5 year lease terms available) 

Request a FREE financial analysis Here!



What is the Return on Investment (ROI) and Payoff Time?

Depending on certain factors, you can obtain an ROI of 100% or more and payoff the Program’s cost within 12 months. Your local Territory Manager can provide a free Financial Analysis that is customized for your practice that will show your exact ROI and payoff time which will vary depending on your patient demand for Low Vision Care, exam reimbursement potential and other variables.

The Eschenbach Complete Low Vision Program is a turnkey package designed specifically to both enhance your patient care and increase your practice income. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to successfully incorporate low vision services into your practice so that you can help your visually impaired patients remain independent and maximize their quality of life!



Learn More!

Watch an in-depth webinar about Eschenbach's Low Vision Care Program that shows how it can enhance your practice in a manner that makes good economic sense here:  Eschenbach's Low Vision Care Program Webinar!

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