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Eschenbach Partner Project

Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. has partnered with the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, a leading nonprofit that partners exceptional men and women who are blind and visually impaired with elite German Shepherd guide dogs, providing all clients with increased independence to improve their lives and the world around them, to create the Eschenbach Partner Project.

As a leading manufacturer of vision-enhancing products, Eschenbach’s mission, similar to Fidelco’s, is to provide customers with the tools to improve their safety, productivity, independence and quality of life, illustrating the natural synergies present in this new and exciting collaboration. Eschenbach vision aids provide individuals who are visually impaired with the technology needed to accomplish their visual goals, such as reading, watching television or any of the many other activities of daily living. Fidelco guide dogs provide exceptional partnerships that empower independence and forever change lives. 

The Eschenbach Partner Project consists of a charitable commitment to sponsor the breeding, raising and training of a Fidelco German Shepherd guide dog. We have followed our puppy Magno for over two years through his extraordinary journey as he went through the puppy training program, graduated from the Fidelco guide dog program and was matched with a visually impaired client who is in need of his special services. We're so proud of him!

See details on his journey below!

Learn more about the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation and how you can make a contribution here: https://www.fidelco.org

Magno has been placed!

We're excited to announce that Magno is now officially placed with a client in South Dakota who is retired from the U.S. Forest service and has been legally blind since 2013. Magno was first able to spend time with his potential client in their home for a few weeks to see if they were a good match for each other. This is standard procedure for Fidelco Guide Dogs to make sure that the two are compatible and the environment is suitable for them to work together. And the match was a success! 

We’re so happy that Magno has found a client in need of his special services and thanks to our partnership with Fidelco Guide Dogs, he was placed with his client at no cost. 

Thanks to everyone who has followed Magno this his incredible journey, we could not be happier for him!


Congratulations Magno! 



We are so proud of our Sponsored Fidelco Guide Dog Magno on graduating from the Fidelco Guide Dog program. We've been following his progress for over 2 years, since he was just a puppy in the Pup House to living with his puppy raiser family and as he went into official Guide Dog training. We've watched him grow and learn so much, and now he is ready to be placed with a special client in need of his services. We couldn't be happier. Congrats Magno!

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